At MP Ensystems we provide services ranging from policy formation, program designs, evaluation, firm-level Energy Management Systems, evaluation of Energy Efficiency Financing options and due-diligence services pertaining to Clean Investments, to make your organization resource efficient.

We take pride in knowledge of the fact that through our expertise, several implementing products and services organizations (both for-profit and not-for profit) have been able to provide value-added services to utility customers and energy users. We follow an analytical approach providing strong value-addition to our clients with tangible and measurable results.

The broad range of our services fit within four business verticals encompassing the regulatory, energy management, clean energy – knowledge, and - financing space.

Policy and Regulatory Advisory

The first step towards implementation of a clean energy program is to evolve a benign regulatory and policy structure that enables implementers to innovate new resource efficient products and approaches to meet resource conservation benefits. MP Ensystems partners with organisations from this first critical step, right to the final implementation of the project.
On behalf of our clients, we advise several electricity regulatory commissions to develop utility demand-side management policies and regulations and tools to evaluate, measure and verify demand and energy savings
As a non-partisan expert business organization, through technical assistance from bilateral and multilateral funders, we have assisted several electricity distribution licensees in designing, implementing and evaluating demand-side management and energy conservation programs. Our expertise in this field has resulted in over 150 MW of demand reduction and over 3 GWh of annual energy savings, paving a way for over 10 times annual savings to utilities and end-use consumers. In addition to our on-the-ground presence in India, we are currently supporting energy efficiency policy development efforts in the Pacific Islands, South East Asia and the Middle East.